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Quaker Anne's
Children's Stories
Stories include:

How Bees Make Honey

A Chicken is Born

A Haircut for Sheep

A Baby Horse is Born

A Baby Goat is Born

Lassie Saves a Lamb

...delightful children's stories about life on the farm, complete with beautiful illustrating photographs...
- The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Farm Membership
Purchase nutrient-dense foods at our farm.

Benefits of a Quaker Hill Farm Membership
Farm Membership benefits include discount prices on products purchased at the farm such as:
* eggs    (chicken, duck, goose)
* raw honey * soap
* fudge
* garden compost
* and more!

A Farm Membership is not necessary to purchase produce.

Farm Membership cost:
a one time fee of $10.

Other Benefits:
You will also be informed of opportunities to participate in Volunteer Days! We will contact you via email to inform you that when we are having a Volunteer Day. This will include details about job descriptions, duties and the time slots which are available (typically 2-hour sessions). Job examples include: planting seeds, mulching, garden weeding, picking produce, honey extraction, harvesting produce, labeling soap, caring for chickens, geese or ducks, gathering and washing eggs, assisting with our Farm Tours, managing our farm market table, plus much more.

A Volunteer Day is a wonderful opportunity to get to know local farmers and network with other like-minded Volunteers & Customers who are interested healthy food choices.

Please print out form below, fill in and send to us with the one-time membership fee of $10.

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Farm Membership Form

Family Farm Membership (s) x $10 (one-time fee) = $________total paid.





EMAIL (please be legible!):

Your Farm Membership entitles you to purchase products at a discount such as honey, garden compost, eggs, soap and other products at our farm. It also entitles you to volunteer on the farm when time slots become available.

As a Farm Member, you will also receive information & locations of events that are pertinent to health & nutrition. We encourage you to continue making wholesome, healthy food choices for the nutritional benefit of your family. We are available to answer questions you have.

Kimberly Anne Makela
Quaker Hill Farm
Harrisville, MI

Make your $10.00 Farm Membership payment through paypal ($1.25 processing fee added)

"The Lord bless thee and keep thee...."
- Numbers 6:24