Quaker Hill Farm 2007 Winter News

1st Day, 2nd Month, 11, 2007

I'll sum these days up in just one long word - Brrrrrrrr! It has been very cold these last few weeks. Minus zero most mornings with winds that really push one across the yard. It makes walking around tricky and I have to use extra care outside especially after having had that bad fall on the ice a few weeks ago which as many of you know, knocked me out! The complete amnesia lasted several hours and scared my family quite a bit, but I was grateful after all to not have broken anything. The doctors felt I avoided major head injury thanks to my hair being in a bun. I fell landing squarely on the back of my head and my hair bun lessened the impact. What a blessing plain, modest dress was for me that day! Recovery was slow - but I made it without missing the home births that were scheduled thanks to the good help of my midwife assistant. Our kind son John decided afterwards that it was time to introduce a new vehicle to the farm and bought Bill and I an electric golf cart as a gift to make chores less of a chore for us and navigating less hazardous for me. I can't believe what a blessing that has been. I'm grateful every day for it. I had allowed myself to worry greatly what might happen if I were to fall again with no one here, but never said anything. But the Lord knew the concern in my heart and provided so mercifully! Those of you who expressed such thoughtful concern for my recovery, I thank you most kindly and heartfeltly!

Despite the cold, we had a lovely surprise just a few days ago that really warmed our spirits. Bill came in from the barn with the joyful news that 2 little ram lambs had been born! Quaker Farm Grapes Now, that was a beautiful sight and the more so for the event to be so out of season for us. We plan our lambing and kidding for late Spring to avoid cold stress with the babies. But, me thinks our good Samuel Ram had more productive ideas for lambing season this year and rescheduled without our knowing! They are beautiful Border Leister lambs and as a matched pair I can't help but think they would make a great cart pulling team. We will have to see.

Blessings & Peace,
Quaker Anne
October 2006

Words of Wisdom

Is anybody happier
Because you passed his was?
Does anyone remember
That you spoke to him today?
Can you say tonight in passing
With the day that slipped so fast
That you helped
a single person,
Of the many that you passed?
Is a single hert rejoicing
Over what you did or said?
Does one whose hopes
were fading
Now with courage look ahead?
Did you wast the day,
or lose it?
Was it well or poorly spent?
Did you leave a trail
of kindness,
Or a scar of discontent?

- Anonymous

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