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8 Ways to Make Money on a



Make money from your homestead
8 Ways to Make Money on a Homestead PART 2

Homesteads provide unique avenues of income primarily because they are centers of creativity in the first place. Unfortunately this income potential often goes untapped. If you want to make money, you will have to mark the idea as a firm goal and plan to work hard at achieving that goal. You need to know up front that it takes persistence and perseverance. Whether you homestead in the country or on an urban homestead city lot, serious potential surrounds you, but you are going to have to focus, create a plan and then really make a committment to working on it. The following 8 ideas, based around services or products, have worked well for many homesteaders and with a little inspiration, they might point your imagination to an idea that works for you too!

1. Selling Small Livestock

People are yearning for self reliance more than every before. The difficult, unstable economy we live in is encouraging both the back to the land and the sustainable living movements which are in turn creating a high market demand for the kind of small livestock that is productive, economical and thrifty. Families want to raise their own food and they want quality livestock.

If you have a bit of space, raising chickens or rabbits can create very good revenue and neither takes up very much room or maintenance time, especially rabbits. Set yourself up carefully, use the space you have to its best advantage and specialize in a specific breed or two. Just keep in mind that with animal projects, there are the ongoing costs of feed, health care and general maintenance to consider. Figure these costs in on the high side in the beginning and don't cut corners. The highest prices are paid for healthy, content animals that are well cared for and humanely managed. Be mindful that generally speaking, the market for purebred livestock is usually better - you will likely get higher prices for purebreds than cross breeds.

Offering extra free information with your sale can help promote the livestock you sell. Consider taking time to offer a fact sheet for each type of livestock you sell that gives pointers for general care. People will really appreciate you going the extra mile and it will make you stand out, easy to remember and possibly worth recommending to someone else.

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2. Selling Garden Produce
sell vegetables It is obvious that tomatoes, beans, squash, peppers, corn and heirloom vegetables of all kinds are great sellers at road-side stands or Farmer's Markets. But don't over look ever popular strawberries. Strawberries sell out quickly at every Farmer's Market I know of, so consider making an ample amount of room to plant, harvest and market your own. Strawberries are easy to grow and the right strains are very, very productive.

Also, if you have room for a large garden, plant for productive seasonal harvests that can extend your sales. Study and really understand the climate of your area. Use the resources in your community to their full potential to maximize your homestead potential. This includes exploring the resources at your local agricultural extension service office.

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