Dairy Goats

Quaker Farm Nubian dairy goat kid doe

Nubian goat kid

At Quaker Farm, we maintain a small herd of dairy goats. Why? Because dairy goats are amazingly valuable to a sustainable living farm and homestead. They are excellent feed converters, require a minimal amount of space to keep, and their milk is as nutritious as it is delicious.

We raise Nubian dairy goats. Their milk is especially high in fat content, Productive, personable, vigorous, winter hardy, easy keepers that produce exceptional tasting milk. Milk quality is important to us because we make our own cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream, and milk based soaps.

But, if their many virtues were not in themselves enough to recommend their usefulness, then just take a look at a Nubian goat kid. What could be more beautiful!

We will share our experience with them and hope you find our dairy goat information and resources useful.

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