Cooking Recipes

I love to cook, I love to cook.  Good food, natural food, clean food, honest food, self grown or locally grown food; I love working with it all!

Country style cooking with natural wholesome ingredients as locally grown as possible is what we share from Quaker Farm, and through the Quaker Kitchen.

Lamb recipes, egg recipes, bread baking, cheese and yogurt making and more is included in our nearly 30 years of sustainable living experience, and we have so much information to share in the hope of helping others who would like to learn about living off the land.

At Quaker Farm we grow as much of our own food as possible.  We even grow the has that we feed to our goats and sheep.  The wide variety of what we produce for ourselves includes fruits and vegetables, honey and maple syrup; milk, yogurt and cheese; lamb, chicken and goat - and more.

It may not be possible for everyone to actually live in the country and farm, but it is possible for almost anyone to use available space to grow ample amounts of home grown food.  Whether you have a homestead, or a little plot of land, or just simple containers for vegetable and herb gardening,  we hope to inspire you to be as self sufficient as possible by sharing the lessons that we have learned living off the land.

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