Collie Dogs


Collie dogs are an important of the agricultural management of Quaker Farm.

Collie dogs are a vital part of the active livestock management programs at Quaker Farm. Their herding abilities, efficient farm oversight, field guardianship capabilities and dependable family loyalty are both amazing and legendary.

"Lassie" has been an American icon for decades with a broad variety of movies and books which preserve her legend as the classic symbol of faithfulness for which this wonderful breed of dogs will forever be known for. In very much the same way, Collie dogs are also a proud part of the iconic history and ongoing stewardship ministry of Quaker Farm which has spanned nearly 3 decades.

In partnership with Crown Thistle Collies, and in accordance with the policies and guidelines as stated at the Crown Thistle Collie website, we raise AKC registered,  rough Collie dogs and sometimes have Rough Collie pups for sale.

Collie farm dog at Quaker Farm

A Collie dog in winter with snowy speckles of frosty flakes on his at Quaker Farm.

Our dog breeding program features, high quality, stable minded European and American rough Collies which we have carefully bred for many generations to be talented achievers and devoted family-loving companions. Quaker Farm Collie dogs are unique for their willing temperaments and high intelligence.  Because we feel that genetic diversity has a profoundly positive impact on the health of our Collie dogs, it is a very important part of the management of our normal eyed breeding program. Therefore, our pups usually have at least 50% European bloodlines.

The Collie dogs of Quaker Farm are highly intelligent, beautiful and easy to train, and as a bonus, they are not prone to roaming.  A good Collie dog wants to be a part of his or her family!

Dog training classes are scheduled throughout the year, and workshops are available by appointment.

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