What a goat year this has been, again. The best years with goats are those when more doelings are born than bucklings and it was just so at Quaker Farm this year. We have a very nice herd of Nubian dairy goats that are productive, growthy, healthy, sweet-tempered, and produce excellent tasting milk.

The abundant hay year has allowed us to keep most of these exceptional babies and I am so happy about that. I love the productivity of dairy goats, and believe that they are one of the most valuable animals on a homestead.

Summer light is changing,
the season's nearly done,
barns are full from haying,
the early harvests won.

Shortening days remind us,
that fall will soon be here,
we work hard to adjust
to winter coming near.

Farmers know the secrets,
of living by the light,
puzzles of the seasons,
are joined together right.

Tired efforts offered,
to God's Almighty praise,
He, our lives have authored,
the Light of all our days.

In times past we have featured a farm journal blog from Quaker Farm to share sustainable and country living ideas through a Christian point of view.  Now, we begin again to better share our ministry of land stewardship, the work of our hands and the blessings of life lived simply plain as followers of Christ Jesus.

As we build this blog site, we hope you will join us and share this Christian living country resource with others as we discuss and share God's creative works as found in nature, peace work, Christian spirituality, and  Christ centered simple living which has the remarkable ability to draw people closer to God.

May God bless thy day.