What a goat year this has been, again. The best years with goats are those when more doelings are born than bucklings and it was just so at Quaker Farm this year. We have a very nice herd of Nubian dairy goats that are productive, growthy, healthy, sweet-tempered, and produce excellent tasting milk.

The abundant hay year has allowed us to keep most of these exceptional babies and I am so happy about that. I love the productivity of dairy goats, and believe that they are one of the most valuable animals on a homestead.

Summer light is changing,
the season's nearly done,
barns are full from haying,
the early harvests won.

Shortening days remind us,
that fall will soon be here,
we work hard to adjust
to winter coming near.

Farmers know the secrets,
of living by the light,
puzzles of the seasons,
are joined together right.

Tired efforts offered,
to God's Almighty praise,
He, our lives have authored,
the Light of all our days.

Spring is here in such a happy way.  The weather has been kind and gradual in transition and every day feels not only welcome, but refreshing as well.

The combination of warm sunshine and just the right amount of rain is causing the cherry, apricot, pear trees and apple trees to blossom, and our early spring flowers like the tulips and hyacinths are beautiful!  But I am waiting in high expectation for the lilacs to bloom - their little buds look very promising at the moment, and I can hardly wait!

Last year, nothing bloomed at all and in the fall, there was absolutely no fruit on our farm, and little else where.  What a shock it was to see the prices of apples, apple cider, and other fruits and fruit products in the summer and autumn of 2012.  Apples and other fruits were greatly missed in the Quaker Kitchen pantry over the past winter time, so I hope this year the fruit and vegetable harvests are abundant.

I have mowed the grass once already, just last week, and it looks like it is time to mow the lawn again.  It always looks so nice to trim and keep the lawns looking their best, especially around the picnic tables.  With all of this green grass, it is time to get some fencing in place to rotate the goat and sheep pastures.

One of our Nubian dairy goats, named Lilia, kidded this past weekend.  She is an excellent milker and to our joy, she birthed triplets!  It is my favorite combination from an exceptional milking doe, 1 buck and 2 does.  We took excellent pictures of the birth which we will put on the Dairy Goat page soon.

Ahh, the joys of spring.


Spring makes its own statement, so loud and clear that the gardener seems to be only one of the instruments, not the composer.   - Geoffrey B. Charlesworth

We are so ready for spring at Quaker Farm.  The list of winter-wait duties and projects is long and the sooner we get started checking them off the "to do" list the better.

The list includes out-building and pasture fencing repairs, yard work, garden preparation, tree trimming and tree planting - just to name a few.