Quaker Hill Farm 2nd month, 2008 News

Just a quick story this month! Other than that - Brrrr! it's cold and snowy. Temps mostly below 0 at night and barely in the single digits during the day. Lots of snow!

The Lama in Winter

Our Llamas have the most amusing character. They regularly regard us with utterly condescending airs as though they were granting us very special time in their presence. They are really, really funny and wonderful to be around.

We have two Llamas, Ruth and Ester. Bill has taught Ruthie to give him a kiss when he asks. That takes a fair bribe!

Ruthie is currently suffering from the ultimate humiliation, the intolerable indignity of hearing her regal name stripped of its majesty when, in beloved "pet-name" fashion, Bill (who is extra fond of her) affectionately calls to her from across the field for all the world to hear..."ROOOOFIE! Come 'ere ROOFIE".

Ruth refuses to reconcile herself with the insult and demonstrates her disgust by ignoring Bill completely with her head in the air, eyes gazing blankly skyward in the opposite direction. This is no term of endearment for her, oh no!

I admire her though, she successfully manages to keep her composure under such pressure...that is until Bill shakes the grain pail and then she is reduced to the lure of a bribe and romps with unabashed enthusiasm to his side in remarkable time. Bill understands her, he knows she loves him best. But when he beckons her to give him a kiss before being allowed access to the sweet feed, she complies, casting me a side long glance which he can't see, that tells the truth!

Blessings & Peace,
Quaker Anne
2nd Month, 2008

Words of Wisdom

The true office of any faith is to
give life a meaning which death cannot destroy.

- anonymous

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