Quaker Hill Farm 1st month, 2008 News

Elected President!

Educating the public about the benefit of natural foods and a healthy lifestyle has been a life-long project of mine. I think it so important that people treat their bodies with respect and feed themselves foods that are nourishing and wholesome. It should be a primary objective for everyone and I write and teach about it regularly both here at our Internet page and in person during cooking classes and public seminars.

Well, I had the opportunity to become involved and lend my support to a new group which was forming in our county, called - Alcona Local Foods Association. Imagine my surprise, when at the first meeting I attended, I was unexpectedly elected President! Though shocked, I was and am greatly humbled by it. We immediately incorporated as a non-profit and the group is now well on its way to meeting its project goals. Here is their mission statement:

The mission of Alcona Local Foods Association (ALFA) is to promote the availability and use of fresh seasonal foods from local growers and producers with honesty and integrity, and to provide education about local foods, for a physically and economically healthier community.

I certainly look forward to working with ALFA in 2008 and hope to meet many of you at the Alcona Farmers Market this summer!

You may visit ALFA's web site at: www.alconafoods.com

Blessings & Peace,
Quaker Anne
1st Month, 2008

Words of Wisdom

The true office of any faith is to
give life a meaning which death cannot destroy.

- anonymous

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