Quaker Hill Farm 1st month, 2007 News

The new year has been full of surprises so far not the least of which has been the weather. I wish I could say that the mild temperatures have been completely enjoyable in a care-free way, we've certainly taken advantage of the days putting "our hand to the plow" so to speak, and gotten much work done that would have otherwise had to wait until Spring, and we have indeed enjoyed the opportunity to work and even play out doors without having to bundle up and trudge through snow. There has in fact been little snow and temperatures have been as high as the upper 40's for a couple of weeks now. While such mild weather has been nice in the moment, it has given us great pause and sparked concern. The issues surrounding global warming, forecasted by scientists for such a long time are becoming sobering realities as we see the effects playing out in our weather patterns. Our family recently viewed "An Inconvenient Truth", by Al Gore and the compelling information certainly was uncomfortable to face. Yet, it strengthened our resolve to do all we can to conserve resources. Our lifestyle is very simple and basic but we can and will do more. The responsibility for stewardship of the earth rests on each and every one of us and we must do all we can. So, I will be spending the next few weeks cutting more corners, blocking more drafts, turning the thermostat down a few degrees more and employing more creative ways to conserve. Fortunately, plain dress makes for easy layers so 62 degrees does not feel chilly after all!

It has been nice to be able to work outside more than usual. We are training one of our young 2 year old horses (pictured above) to drive and are able to work with her more than we expected to this time of year. She is comming along nicely and doing well. Rides on our surrounding country roads are pleasant and she is a good student. We want to make as much progress as we can before we are hampered by the weather - winter is comming is it not?

Colds and flu have been a real plague to so many people around here lately - I am making frequent pots of medicinal chicken soup to share with those whom we find out need it. I make it with many extra nutritious and healing herbs and ingredients so that just sipping the broth helps strengthen struggling and depressed immune systems. Lately, whenever members of my family arrive home, if there is a pot on, they automatically ask who is sick!

The seed catalogs have arrived and we flip through them with great expectations for gardening in the Spring. We garden in a very small space but it produces largely. It is always a real goal of ours to produce in conservative space. With proper management, we usually have notable success.

We have sent out notices and visiting invitations for the Quaker Anne's Children's Stories web page to home schooling groups. It is the hope of our entire family that they will have value as an educational resource. We have had very positive and encouraging responses thus far!

Some individuals enter the new year with a commitment to resolutions in their hearts in the hopes of making the most of a fresh start. Here are a few to consider this new year.

Blessings & Peace,
Quaker Anne
1st Month, 2007

But the greatest of these is love....

Choose to love -- rather than hate
Choose to smile -- rather than frown
Choose to build -- rather than destroy
Choose to persevere -- rather than quit
Choose to praise -- rather than gossip
Choose to heal -- rather than wound
Choose to give -- rather than grasp
Choose to act -- rather than delay
Choose to forgive -- rather than curse
Choose to pray -- rather than despair

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